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In the exceedingly brilliant series "How to be Cool...(like me)", that I am at currently writing at this very moment, I allude to the very essence of coolness in ones ability to recognize and accept that they are a big jerk. No one illustrates this point better than fellow blogger Thoughts on a Page.

I don't remember how I found this blog, but when it popped up on my screen and with the "About me" picture of Trez (actually, I don't have any way of knowing this blogger's real name and whether or not this is indeed a picture of him or herself) and caption: "I'm a big jerk", I knew immediately that this was one cool blogger. It's subtle, I know, but by following my new series, you too will begin to recognize the coolness of those who are admittedly big jerks.




I'm no longer in the closet. I publicly adore Pickleope's blog. And even though it (I honestly don't know whether a Pickleope is a he or a she) doesn't publicly follow me or comment on my blog, I can pretty much sense the secret handshake of cool that is doubtlessly going on between us. That's right, see, sometimes it is even cooler not to have "followers" because when you are cool, you know that other cool people are giving you the imperceptible nod of encouragement through their stoic silence, which cool people always assume is the case until proven otherwise.

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