Another Very Compelling Post...

Not. (Gosh, how to you type a word's inflection as if you are speaking it? I need to invent some sort of visual sound byte convention, kind of like those little "emotions" you can now insert in all your texts except way more expressive than a smiley face.) Anyway, no, I don't really have anything compelling to convey to you again today. I was just joshing with you. Sorry.  ;-)   (Totally old school wink right there.)

No, but seriously, I have spent the whole morning doing research in order to enhance my blog with all the latest and greatest bells and whistles and to start sewing my personal thread into the fabric of the blogging community. And my thread would be just one of infinitely many fibers in the endless tapestry that is cyberspace. Yeah, they call it space for a reason. Space has no boundaries or limits or beginning or end. It is infinite. It's like, "Where does space exist? Well, where does it not exist?". Like any number divided by zero. You just don't want to go there. But I tried to this morning. Tried to get my head around following, feeding, subscribing, +1ing, linking, liking, circles, sharing. I have to stop. I'm getting dizzy again. The bottom line is, I'm never gonna figure this stuff out. I may learn to use some of it in my favor, but really, if you stumble across these characters on your screen or phone or whatever it is in 3 years from now, what would give you pause. There is only so much time you have and now there is more data at your finger tips then you could ever even being to assimilate. I dunno.

There was going to be a lot more to this post but I wrote this on Friday and now it is Saturday and I don't remember what I was thinking at the time. I think I could get back to that place in my head with some effort, so I may take this subject up again later, but probably not. Deadlines for my posts are contingent upon when my little girl morphs into the Tazmanian Devil and it is all I can do to protect my post and myself (in that order) until we can reach safety and triage the situation.This is what as known as a hard deadline.

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