For My Husband

Hi Sweetie. I forgot to put this note in your lunch box today mainly because a.) you have no lunch box and b.) I don't pack you a lunch and c.) I can't even remember what I was going to type for "d.)" as I am typing this for "c.)". While we are at it, would you like a lunch box? It might be sort of fun for you? They have tons to choose from now-a-days. But no real "adult" themed ones. And when I say "adult themed", I don't mean like porn, violence, or profanity. I mean like, who are the adult action figures of today? Or even the equivalent of a "teen idol" but for an adult. (Although, I don't see many teens carrying around lunch boxes at all--so not cool. So maybe I could even figure out what would be cool for teens to carry their lunches in and start a whole new phenomenon. Kind of like how Segways and Androids are notoriously cool. But instead of calling it a lunch box which all teens automatically know is not cool, I will call it a Bieber box because all teens know that Jason Bieber is so cool. I mean Justin. Justin Bieber. Yes, of course I knew that. I didn't have to look it up.) Anyway, an adult lunch box, hmmm....okay, "adult lunch box" just makes me think it is referring to some triple X lunch box no matter how I intend it to come out. But, I do think a triple X lunch box would appeal to waaaay more adults than a lunch box with the characters from, say, Jerseylicious or The Bachelor, would. Although, seriously, now that I think it out loud, I think a The Bachelor lunch box would be really cool. Or like a The Office lunch box! How cool would you be carrying a The Office lunch box with a big picture of Steve Carell and the rest of the cast on it, to work. No, honey, I know you would not feel cool at all sporting a The Office lunch box. But my intended audience does not know Warehouse 13 or Murder She Wrote. And obviously, Warehouse 13 lunchbox, geeky. But I do think Murder She Wrote would be a hilariously cool lunch box in the way that it is ironically cool. Yes, no, I'm not saying my lunchboxes would be made entirely out of iron. Haha. But there you go, a King of Queens lunchbox! I know who would be sporting that one! Best TV series ever!!! Oh, now the floodgates are open. The list goes on and on for PG adult lunchboxes. This is so exciting. Let me post the note that I would have put in your PG adult lunchbox so I can get back to flushing out this brilliant business idea. Wait a minute, drop the "adult" and it is PG Lunchbox. Yes!

Gosh, I'm going to look like a "working girl" when picking up our daughter from school today.


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    1. I mean, that comment is meant for you, Don, not as a comment to myself on my own post.


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