Guest Post from Chunk

I am pleased(not really) to welcome Chunk as my very first guest poster to my almost famous blog. Chunk is an alter ego. His thoughts and views in no way reflect my own opinions or perspectives. Chunk is currently seeking treatment for anxiety and depression from a talented therapist we'll call Zurg. I know, Chunk seems so normal, well-adjusted, successful, and happy.  But it is all just a big facade. In reality, Chunk is cynical, snarky, and narcissistic. Obviously, he is a real joy to be around. (Sorry, yes, I can be a bit hard on Chunk. I'm working on that.) I one day hope to eradicate Chunk from the furthest recesses of my mind. Until then, let's enjoy mocking and downplaying the seriousness of his condition.

Take it away, Chunk!

I know what you're thinking..... When does she have time to go to therapy what with her blog and raising a young child and all. But really, don't be too impressed. I just make this stuff up right off the top of my head. Really. There's no planning, no training, no education, no experience, no editing, and no discernible effort at all. Except I do look up words a lot. I would look up rules of grammar, too, if I had more time.


Go ahead, make my day.