My Number One Fan

I'm sorry, Bill. I was bored.
Is it okay if I post this on my blog?
If not, just tell me and I will take it down.
Or, I could just black out the eyes like this:
Oh, wait, no. Sorry, scratch that statement.
I'm using the google+ editing toolkit and there is
no "censored" feature. I will have
to do that manually. But I can disguise you.

Gosh, Bill, your head is big.
Now I think I have figured out a way to
black out your eyes with this crude technique:

This is becoming absolutely addictive.
Okay, that one is just terrifying.

And I can make you say things...
And even think things!...
I could literally do this all day.

Bill, do you want me to take this down? Please say "No". I'm leaving it up. 

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