An original sketch of Jenny Lawson by TMP 
So I'll say it. I'm completely and utterly jealous of Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. The Bloggess. It's odd, because I don't know Jenny personally(yet). But based on her blog I've surmised that she's is wickedly funny and totally wacky. I was introduced to Jenny's blog by a post with a picture of a TARDIS in her yard and read how she had ordered one to amuse herself. I was green with envy.

 "Hello!", I'm thinking, "of course, this is total genius and I almost could have thought of doing this exact same thing, but now she's already gone and done it and posted it on the internet, so what's the point really."

She's got her book out now and is wildly successful. I wanted to hate her. I wanted to label her "main stream"" and a "sell out" and just stop reading because it "didn't feel personal". I tried to fool myself into thinking that it wasn't really that funny. But, of course, that was the jealousy talking. I am ready to admit that now so we all (and by we all, I mean me, obviously) can move forward.

Open apology to Jenny Lawson:

Dear Jenny,
If you happen to be reading my potentially fabulous but still extremely obscure blog, please accept my most sincere apology for letting my jealousy get in the way of, well, nothing really. By the way, next time you're in Dallas, like maybe for your book tour, please go ahead and look me up. I am a pretty boring homebody, but I do have a lot of spatulas and I'm fairly certain there is some twine lying around here somewhere. 
Your friend in blogging,
 -The Mommy Patient

ps- If you stare over your screen and blur or cross your eyes, that sketch looks just like you, I swear!


  1. too funny, I wrote a post about her months ago
    she's funny, I wish I were funny, sometimes even think I'm funny but mostly I'm not
    you are funny, though : )

  2. Well, it's a gift really. A gift, and a curse.


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