E is for Elevé

Today we are learning elevé. Now don't start panicking already. Elevé is easy. The key for today's lesson is: don't wear your pointe shoes. If you are wearing pointe shoes, you have raise to full pointe (tippy, tippy toes, I believe, is the technical jargon). We are trying to keep this lesson simple so there are NO EXCUSES today, right? Those of you who should be wearing your toe shoes for elevé, you know who you are (Amelia). Go ahead and put them on at this time.

Here we go step by step:
1. Stand facing the barre with your feet shoulder width apart. (If you don't have a standard ballet barre--in your living room, perhaps?--you could improvise by standing at the kitchen counter. If you are at work, you could try this at your desk, but that is probably too low to help you balance. I suggest trying the break room. There might be a counter top that is high enough. If you are enjoying free WiFi at McDonalds, Chic Fil-A, or Starbucks, I happen to know they have bar-seating at most of these fine establishments so you are not off the hook.)
2. Lifting your heels, raise up onto the balls of your feet. Demi-pointe. (Hint: stand on tiptoe.)
3. (Optional--only to be attempted if you are wearing pointe shoes.) Raise to full point. (a.k.a.: tippy tippy toes)
4. Lower your heels back to the ground.
You did it! Take a bow or a curtsey. I'm sending virtual applause your way.


  1. I still have my pointe shoes. The last time I tried them on I had calf cramps before I even went en pointe. Those were the days. I'll be tippy toeing around today because of you, my calves thank you for it. :) (Just the one tippy because I'm staying away from the pointe shoes.)

  2. I just found my pointe shoes in the garage the other day. Didn't put them on, but this post is tempting me to. I love the cute little drawings!


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