H is for Hula

This lesson will be short and sweet because the demonstration in the diagram below pretty much says it all.

The Hula Dance
First, stand with your back to the ocean and sunset, facing the beach and condos. Let your arms hang by your sides and put a slight bend in your knees.

Starting with your left foot, take a side step to the left. Bring your feet together with your right foot meeting your left. Then take another step to the side with your left foot. Bring your feet together with your right foot meeting your left.

So basically, it's step, together, step, together to the left.

Now you've done two side steps to the left and your feet are back together. Next you are going to do two side steps to the right. Right foot out. Feet together. Right foot out. Feet together. Now you've done two side steps to the right and your feet are back together. Can you guess what's next? Yep, back to the left.

Two side steps to the left, two side steps to the right, and repeat.

Practice that and then we will add the arms.

Ready? Okay, standing with your feet together, raise your arms straight out in front of you, like you are a zombie or a mummy or frankenstein. Bring your left arm out to your left side and bend your right elbow 90 degrees, bringing your right forearm to the left. Now loosen up both arms and shoulders while keeping your arms slightly raised and pointing to the left. Face your palms down. Each time you take a step out with your left foot, flex your fingers, when you bring your feet together, curl your fingers like you are strumming a ukulele. When you are stepping left, your arms are raised to the left, when you step right, your arms are raised to the right. Refer back to the diagram if you have questions at this point.

Ready to put it all together. Great. Get loose. Sway your hips back and forth naturally. When you get comfortable with the steps, exaggerate the hip motions a bit more. Don a grass skirt or a bath towel to give it some authenticity. Have fun!

H is for hula.


  1. Your drawings make me smile! I love to hula although I only do so when watching Lilo and Stitch! Your instructions are much easier to follow then the step by step I found online!

    1. Oh good. I can't tell whether anyone can follow either the drawings or the instructions. I process information differently, so I'm writing what makes sense to me.

  2. this is a little zen moment. thank you for that.


  3. These dance steps always look so easy in your pictures. I think I am destined to be a dancing spectator only. Although, I read your other posts and I am now marginally cooler!

    1. Oh, excellent. See, now all that is required of you on the dance floor is that you strike a pose from time to time, exuding coolness.

  4. Heehee... love it! The drawing is adorable.


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