I is for Improvisation

You may have the world's best choreographer at your disposal, but at some point in your pursuit of dance, you will be asked to improvise. Say, perhaps, you show up at a dance competition and realize you forgot your music. Or, you are out party rocking and the DJ decides to mix it up with some tunes from the 80's. Or, you are chasing a masked opponent through the streets of San Ricardo. You catch up to them, challenge them to a fight to the death, and it just so happens to be dance fight night.

In any of these situations, the key is not to panic. Relax and go with it. Start with a small gesture, something that comes easy and natural and requires no thought. How about a facepalm? Imagine a time when a facepalm was in order. Let's say you spent all morning searching for your car keys. Later you find them innocently hanging on a hook that is designated for your car keys. Palm to face. Cue the music. Now count to the beat. One, two, three and four.

On one, bring your right hand up to meet your face (or forehead).
On two, lower your right hand back down to your side.
On three, bring your left hand up to meet your face (or forehead).
On four, bring your left hand back down to your side.

And there you have it. You just improvised the facepalm move. Practice it a few times to the beat. Start to loosen up and add your own flair. Really make it your own. See where you can take it. Exaggerate the movements by bringing your head down to meet your palm in shame. When your hand returns to your side, look up as if nothing happened. Add some hip action. Step out and then back with your right foot, then your left. Have fun with it.
The Facepalm.
I just made this up.
I improvised.

I is for improvisation.


  1. I love this! I will do this little dance when I am trying to remember where I left my keys.

  2. Cute! I am going to improve some dancing later! I am inspired though I might not do the Facepalm.

    Make sure you trademark that!


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